Gigantic Thrombus of the Left Atrium in Mitral Stenosis

Enisa Hodzic, Nermir Granov

Introduction: Excess dilatation of the left atrium >65 mm is known in the literature as gigantic atrium. This dilation is most commonly encountered in the mitral insufficiency of rheumatic etiology, but also in severe prolapses of the mitral valve, permanent atrial fibrillation, and at the left right shunt with cardiac insufficiency. Case report: In this paper is presented a case study of echocardiographically verified giant thrombus in left atrium in a 50 years old female patient aged 50 hospitalized because of tiredness, choking, heartburn and urinary tract symptoms. The patient had rheumatic fever at age of 18 years. At age of 35, she was diagnosed with mitral stenosis. In permanent atrial fibrillation with anamnestic data on the previous cerebrovascular stroke (CVI) and the repeated transitional ischemic seizures. Echocardiographic examination confirmed severe mitral stenosis with moderate aortic insufficiency and gigantic left atrium (LA) with gigantic thrombus. Invasive diagnostics were indicated and performed, followed by an acute cardiac surgery including left atrial thrombectomy and implantation of the mechanical aortic and mitral valve. The surgical course was without complications. Conclusion: On eleven postoperative day, after mobilization, the patient experiences stroke with motor aphasia. She was clinically recovering from stroke consequences, and remains cardiollogically stable.
[Med Arch 2017; 71(6.000): 449-452]

Keywords: mitral stenosis, gigantic left atrium, gigantic thrombus, atrial fibrillation, ICV, thrombectomy

>>Full text PDF        >>Abstract       >>[cite source=”doi”]10.5455/medarh.2017.71.449-452[/cite]

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