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Publication fee for submited journal articles

Authors needs to pay publication fee after accepting article for publishing following instructions in the table below:

Article Type Abstract, Full Text (including references, tables and figures) Total of Illustrations (tables and figures) Publication fee (for listed word limits) Extra payment/per 500 words Additional figure and table PayPal Payment
Case Reports 1500 3 250 EUR 50 EUR 50 EUR
Amount: EUR
Letter to Editor 1000 1 150 EUR 50 EUR 50 EUR
Amount: EUR
Original Articles 3500 3 300 EUR 50 EUR 50 EUR
Amount: EUR
Review Articles 4000 3 400 EUR 50 EUR 50 EUR
Amount: EUR

Publication fee must be paid via PayPal system or via UNION bank Sarajevo (for B&H citizens).

Payment instructions for bank transfer:

Beneficiary: Avicena d.o.o. Sarajevo

Beneficiary bank: Union Bank Sarajevo, H. Kresevljakovica 19., 71000 Sarajevo, BiH

IBAN: BA39 1020500000020077


>>Invoice for payment of the publishing fee<<